These are only a few of many samples. Please contact me if you’d like to see something and don’t see it here.

Various, brief selections from a broad range of production work I’ve done on my own and on other directors’ projects.

Film & Video Reel here in a popup.

Fundraising Video for

In March of this year, I produced and shot this short piece about the heroic work being done by Global Healing and its partners in Honduras. I’m currently editing this and will post it as soon as it’s completed and approved.

Global Healing project here in a popup.


I wrote, directed, and edited this award-winning comedy short. More info about the film, including how to see the whole thing, is here.

I edited this feature documentary for director Shara Lange.


I wrote, directed, and edited this award-winning comedy short. This is the entire 10-minute film, and you can see a bit more information about it here.

WARNING – This clip contains major plot spoilers. You might want to see the whole film first.


I animated these visuals and set them to found audio from a 1950s “educational film” about the relatively benign effects of nuclear war.

Joshua Tree

I edited this feature narrative drama for director Li Cheng. Clip coming soon.


A clip from an oldie but goodie – I won my first film award for the quirky, affectionate look at the canine agility competition community in Denver.