Much like when you’re paying for travel, interior design, or brain surgery, rates for communications work can vary significantly depending on exactly how you want it done. Shooting a training video with a single narrator and a whiteboard is a far different endeavor than obtaining aerial shots of your company’s overseas operations. And instructional design that’s text-based is different from animated and interactive modules.  Rates will vary depending on your project’s technical and equipment needs, whether you require me alone or with a full crew, and a number of other factors.


The bottom line: let’s have a free consultation to discuss your needs, and I’ll work with you on the budget. Few can afford a multi-million dollar blockbuster production, so we’ll work out how we can develop a project that meets your needs at a cost that makes sense to you.


And nonprofit groups, I’m particularly passionate about working on causes that make the world a better place, so I offer discounts appropriately. Please contact me today.