Yep, I love to work in the independent film world. I’ve written, directed, and edited a handful of my own films, and I’ve worked on more than I can count. You can see my IMDB page for a partial list of my credits, or contact me for a more complete list or for specific work samples. Or scroll through or skip to the below sections:

Miracle Investigators

The Grayed Escape

Work on Other Directors’ Films

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Miracle Investigators is the film that the DC Shorts Festival called, “the answer to a lack of action in depictions of the Catholic Church,” and that the creator of Reno 911! called “Really funny.”

Veteran miracle investigator, Father Dominic, and his rookie partner, Father Justin, judge the authenticity of miracles and crack the heads of the spiritual criminals who disagree—70s cop show style.

This short film has played at dozens of film festivals around the world, earned several audience and juried awards, and garnered praise from The Denver Post and numerous festival judges. I made great friends working with some very talented performers and crew members on this shoot, and I hope you’ll check out the fun we had as it translated to celluloid.


Miracle Investigators is coming soon to iTunes and Amazon instant video. Check back here soon for a link. Until then, contact me for a copy.

Miracle Investigators on IMDB

Full Miracle Investigators site



Milton has had enough of the dingy nursing home where he lives. His roommate, Fred, doesn’t understand him, the staff humiliates him, and worst of all, he may be running out of time. So he plots his escape. But Rhonda, the lead orderly at the home and a formidable opponent, stands firmly between Milton and the doorway to freedom…

The Grayed Escape is my film with the most broadly international success to date, with premieres in Asia and Africa. Don’t miss the warm and funny performances packed into this ten-minute short.

The Grayed Escape is embedded in its entirety right here, and is also coming soon to iTunes and Amazon instant video. Check back here soon for a link. Until then, contact me for a hard copy.

The Grayed Escape on IMDB



I love working for and with other directors. I’ve edited two feature films, and assistant edited several more, including an IMAX feature and several festival award winners. And I’ve edited, AC’d, AD’d, DP’d, lit, and recorded sound on dozens of narrative and documentary shorts in the independent film world.  I’m always open to working on interesting projects, so please contact me if you have one. Here are just a few highlights from mi vita loca:



  • Editor – The Joshua Tree, video narrative feature, Li Cheng , dir
  • Editor – The Dressmakers, video documentary feature, Shara Lange, dir.
  • Sound Recordist – Mississippi Chicken, 8mm documentary feature, John Fiege, dir.
  • Assistant Editor – Ride Around the World, IMAX documentary feature, Harry Lynch dir.
  • Assistant Editor – Forfeit, 16mm narrative feature, Andrew Shea, dir.
  • Director of Photography – Inside Out, 8mm narrative short, Shara Lange, dir.
  • Assistant Camera – Recently Deceased, 16mm narrative short, Chris McInroy, dir.
  • Editor – Iris Moon, 16mm narrative short, Iskra Valtcheva, dir.
  • Advisor to literally hundreds of scripts and short film projects made by my students at The University of Colorado, The University of Denver, The Art Institute of Colorado, and The University of Texas.




Ok, we’re going pretty deep into the archives here, but I’ve been making films of my own since I first animated my own version of Theseus vs. the Minotaur in high school, and since 2002 I’ve been screening my work at film festivals. My films have played at dozens of fests on five continents and won numerous juried and audience choice awards.

I’ve also got several projects at various stages of development—I tend to work on several at a time until one of them is ready for me to focus exclusively on it. Watch this space for eventual news on Larry vs. the Droid Apocalypse, or maybe news on Big, Hot, Throbbing Election, or whatever else comes next. If you’re interested in collaborating, or if you’ve just won the lotto and are looking to finance a worthy film project, get in touch.