We’ve all heard that online and e-learning is the wave of the future, yet if you’ve seen the kind of training materials that I have, you may know the ugly truth: most corporate and online training is terribly boring.


But it doesn’t have to be. In fact research shows that appropriate use of humor and style increases learner engagement and ultimately improves outcomes. That’s why you should hire someone like me who knows about learning and education, but is also experienced at crafting unique, engaging stories in innovative formats.


I’ve been teaching in college and corporate environments since 2002, so my knowledge of adult learning concepts is informed by over a decade of personal experience. (Please see My Bio for my specific experience and What I Do for a more detailed description of my teaching philosophy.) My skill at teaching merges with my parallel experience in media and storytelling to enable instructional design that’s innovative, unique, and effective.


I can bring solid storytelling and sharp instruction to basic training materials and software simulations if that’s what you need, but I particularly love designing modules where the customer is an aspiring super-villain calling to set up telecommunications service at his under-construction island fortress, or where the wolfman is looking for the right television programming to distract his wolflings while he goes out to hunt livestock.


I pride myself on creating materials—written, video, and interactive—that refuse to see education and enjoyment as mutually exclusive, and that draw clear connections between the fun and the learning. Here are just a few recent examples from animated, interactive learning modules I’ve created:



This swamp monster has limited access to broadband internet service in her area, and this leads to very specific questions for the satellite internet service provider who serves her.




This Yeti would like to sign up for the client’s service, but given his status as a mythical creature, he doesn’t have any credit and must be handled appropriately.




And this turtle that’s currently being passed up by molasses must be matched with a telecommunications service appropriate to the speed at which he does business.


I am experienced with anything from simple Power Point presentations, to Articulate Studio, Lectora, and Storyline, as well as my own unique combinations of video, animation and instructional design approaches.


Contact me to talk more about what I can design for you.