A selection from a Sales Dialogue written for a Fortune 200 company

Need copy for your website or for your press releases? Put my news and feature writing skills to work. Or leverage my years of experience as a professor of highly specialized media technology for your technical writing projects.


I’ve created an opinion article that passed the New York Times’ several-hundred-to-one cold submission process, and I’ve written sales training materials that stayed on a Fortune 200 company’s most-viewed list for months on end. And my experience as an award-winning filmmaker means that I can find what makes the material engaging and compelling along the way.


Language is the most fundamental tool for the Mindful Learning and Storytelling that I do, and I think about it as obsessively as any other aspect of my work. Let me be the word nerd who figures out just the right way to tell your story and educate your audience. Contact me to discuss your project’s needs, or to see samples of my past work.